Managing Coupons

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From the Events page, find the event on the table, then go to Actions > Edit Event > Edit Tickets Page.

On the new page, fill out the spreadsheet with your preferred settings.

Note – coupon codes specified can be used, by the attendee over and over again, until it’s removed from the setup spreadsheet.

  • Ticket Type – choose Paid Ticket.
  • Discount Type – choose to offer a fixed deduction or a percentage-based one.
  • Discount Value – enter the value of the discount that corresponds to the Discount Type setting.
  • Coupon Code – specify the coupon code
  • Valid Until – if specified, the coupon will expire past the specified date.
  • Minimum Spend Amount – if a number is specified, the total amount the ticket buyer pays should be equal to or greater than what’s specified, for the coupon to be valid.

To view the coupon usage statistics go to Attendees > Export > Contact Details + Money Spent