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There are two ways to make refunds to attendees.

  1. Automated means through the platform
  2. Through the payment gateway

Automated Refunds

The platform can be set up to allow attendees to request refunds for themselves. This is ideal for situations that require mass refunds.

This automated refund feature only works for 2checkout, Worldpay, Stripe, Square, AliPay, PayU, and Instamojo.

To enable it, go to the Events page. On the table go to the event’s Action > Edit Event > Edit Ticket Page option.

On the Tickets page, on the ticket’s spreadsheet, indicate on the Refundable column by, setting to “Yes”, the tickets that should be refunded.

Also, indicate whether the platform should make full or partial refunds.

On the attendees’ side, to make the refund request, they need to click on the Request Refund button from their tickets’ management URLs or accounts.

Payment Gateway Refunds

Refunds can be made using the payment gateway’s dashboard.

To do so, log in to your payment gateway account, find the transaction or customer, then follow the prompts to initiate refunds.