Setting Up Payment Gateways

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← All Topics platform enables you to get paid directly by the attendees. This greatly improves your cash flow, as no funds get held up with us.

We support a number of payment gateways.

To set up the payment gateways, go to the Payments page.

Choose the desired gateway, then follow the setup guidelines shown.

Passing On Charges

You can have the attendee pay the gateway’s transaction fees, and our service charges. These passed-on charges are added to the total amount payable after the tickets have been added.

Transaction Fees

To pass on the gateway’s transaction fees, for example with Stripe, choose “Yes” under Pass On Stripe Charges.

Enter the transaction fees that should be added to what the attendee pays.

The fees the gateways charge are listed on their respective websites.

Service Charges

To pass on our service charges, choose “Yes” under Pass On Service Charges.

Testing Payments

During the initial payment set up flow, you will be able to make test payments. This feature, however, may not be available for some gateways.

To make test payments at another time, go to the Payments page. Find the integration set up you want to test, then go to Actions > Test Payments.

On the new page, if a Test Gateway checkbox is displayed, tick it,

You may also need to use your gateway’s test credentials on the form. Remember to update them to the live/production ones when you are ready to accept payments.

Making Changes

To make changes go to Action > Edit.

When making changes, and you have more than one payment gateways set up, ensure that one of them is the main one for accepting payments.

Check the Default Gateway check box.