SMS Notifications

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← All Topics platform can be set up to send SMS to those who opted to receive them.

These SMS messages are set up on a schedule, up to five days in advance, and can be used for reminders, or important alerts.

Note – this SMS feature is not available everywhere, and charges will be incurred depending on the number of people being contacted.

To set the SMS messaging up, go to the Attendees page.

Click on the SMS button.

On the new page, choose the event to target the attendees from.

Click on Next.

On the new screen, compose the SMS message.

After that, choose the day and time schedule, up to five days in advance; then enter a title to identify the SMS schedule.

To make changes, scroll down to the bottom.

On the table, go to Actions > Edit. Other options include the ability to review the SMS message or to delete the entire schedule altogether.

The table also shows the number of attendees scheduled to be messaged and after the number of delivered messages.