Setting Up Custom Fields

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With the Custom Fields feature, you can create extra input fields to capture data from attendees.

These input fields are displayed on the page where attendees enter information whilst booking their tickets.

To set the Custom Fields up, go to the Events page, find the event on the table, then go to Actions > Edit Event > Edit Tickets Page.

On the new page, scroll down to the Custom Fields section, then enter the questions you want the platform to ask.

  • Questions – enter what the app should ask.
  • Mandatory – if set to Yes, the Question must be answered.
  • Answer Type – the choice made here determines how the answer to the question is presented.
  • Options – this is relevant if the Answer Type requires it.
  • Show On Attendee Table – if set to Yes, what was captured will be shown on the Attendees page.

All captured data can be exported too.