Managing Tickets

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Editing or creating tickets

From the Events page, find the event on the table, then go to Actions > Edit Event > Edit Tickets Page.

On the new page, edit the spreadsheet with your preferred settings.

Right-click the spreadsheet for more editing options such as adding new rows, or deleting them.

To re-arrange the order of tickets, click on the row’s number then drag the row to the desired position.

  • Ticket Type – you can either set up Free Tickets or Paid Tickets
  • Ticket Name – type the name of the ticket. This is required.
  • Description – enter a description if necessary.
  • Ticket Price – enter the price for the tickets. For free events, enter 0.00.
  • Refundable – if set to Yes, and the payment gateway supports it, ticket buyers can request refunds in an automated way.
  • Tickets Available – if a number is specified, this will put a limit on the maximum tickets available for sale for the corresponding ticket name.
  • Minimum Tickets Per Attendee – if a number is specified, the ticket buyer will need to buy tickets in the minimum quantity specified.
  • Maximum Tickets Per Attendee – if a number is specified, the ticket buyer will need to buy tickets whose quantity does not exceed what is specified.
  • Private Ticket – if set to Yes, no one outside the account can view it
  • When Available – if a date is chosen, the ticket will be available for that specific day only.

If Refundable is set to Yes, on the ticket setup spreadsheet, choose how much of the refund should be made.

Viewing Ticket Sales

From the Events page, on the table, click on the numbers under the Tickets Sold column.

The ticket sales table will show some statistics.

  • Reset Tickets – this option will make all validated tickets valid again.
  • Event Privileges – this option will enable you to grant attendees privileges and other perks based on the ticket type held.