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Collecting Voluntary Donations

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You can collect voluntary one-time donations for a cause you support and associated with an event you’re running.

Donations can be collected online or in person. The donated funds get paid to your account directly from the donor using one of the supported payment processors such as Stripe, Square, PayPal, Paystack, etc.

Donors can be attendees or non-attendees. Should you desire to, you can restrict who the donations are open to.

Setting up a fundraiser

Go to the Fundraise page from the navigation menu to set up a fundraiser.

From the Actions menu, go to Create A New Fundraiser menu.

Choose an event to associate the fundraiser with on the Fundraising Setup page. Depending on your settings, donors do not need to be attendees.

Under the Payment Settings section, choose a payment processor from the ones you have already integrated with. The payment processor used for an event can be different from the one used for the fundraiser.

You can indicate if you want to absorb or pass on the transaction fees associated with your payment processor.

Under the Donation Settings, enter a title for the cause that you’re supporting, choose the donation limits, and enter donation amount suggestions.

If platform fees apply to your donation tier, our platform fees will be incurred, and you can choose to pass them on or absorb them.

Ways to receive donations

Online Donations

You can receive donations from online transactions.

A dedicated page to achieve this is made available once you have completed your fundraiser setup. You can promote that page using QR codes.

Alternatively, you can simply promote your event instead. The donation page will be linked to various pages prompting attendees to donate.

In-person Donations

In-person donation works with card readers where donors can tap their cards or phones to make the donations.

These types of payments are currently only supported using Stripe or Square.

A dedicated page for in-person payments is made available after the fundraiser setup is complete.