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Interacting With NFC

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Add new experiences to your event using NFC for ticketing, access to exclusive privileges, and networking.

NFC For Ticketing

NFC can be used as tickets and validated using our iOS and Android app, just as you would with the usual QR Codes.

Attendees can encode the ticket information onto NFC tags, from supported browsers, or our iOS and Android app.

E-tickets issued by include a link to save the ticket onto NFC tags. Saving the ticket is just a matter of tapping a NFC tag from a phone that supports NFC.

Validating the NFC tickets is equally easy. Simply tap on the tag after following the prompt to validate the tickets.

NFC For Passes

Grant access to exclusive event privileges, perks, business discounts and offers, and other experiences.

To use NFC as passes, you will need to supply your own NFC tags and register them upon the validation of a ticket using our smartphone apps.

The ticket being validated can be in the form of a QR code, or even a NFC tag owned by the attendee.

After scanning either form of the ticket, on the confirmation page, tap on the Register NFC Tag button, then tap on your NFC tag.

The data being registered, ideally would be the unique ID of the NFC tag itself. If necessary, you can change what the app reads from the NFC tags, by updating your choice on the smartphone’s settings page.

Once the NFC tag has been registered and associated with an attendee, from the main page of the smartphone app, go to the NFC section then tap on the View Attendee Profile & Access Details menu.

The app will then retrieve the attendee’s details and display them accordingly.

The tags being registered can be re-used for future events and associated with different attendees if required.

NFC For Networking

You can make it easy for attendees to network and share their contact details by setting up NFC vCards which can then be used on badges. app makes this process easy!

Using our smartphone app, and your own NFC tags, you can create the NFC vCards after validating an attendee’s ticket.

As with the NFC passes, the tickets being validated can be in the form of the usual QR codes or NFC tags owned by the attendees.

After validating a ticket, on the confirmation page, tap on the NFC vCard button then tap on a NFC tag.

Our smartphone app will then use the attendee’s contact details, from their ticket registration, and generate a link for the vCard to be saved on the NFC tag.

Attendees can then tap on these NFC tags to download the vCard and save contact details onto their devices. does not permanently write on to the NFC tags, so they can be re-used over and over in future events, simply by repeating the same sequences above.