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Event Tickets Validation

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When tickets are booked on, an email with a QR code is sent to the recipient’s email address.

This QR code contains unique data that can be validated, only once, on the platform. Subsequent validation of the same QR code will fail. offers a variety of ways to validate tickets.

Validation via smartphone apps

Our Android or iOS apps can be used to validate QR code tickets online or offline.

To do so, log in using your account’s email address and password.

If you have a team, create Smartphone App user accounts for them to log in with.

Once logged in, choose the event.

On the subsequent screen, choose the event’s date, then how to validate the tickets.

After choosing the validation method, proceed to scan the QR codes.

The results of the scan will be displayed thereafter. If the ticket is valid, the outcome will show relevant attendee details such as their name, ticket type, ticket name, notes, and any other custom data that was captured when the tickets were booked.

Online QR Code validation

To validate tickets online, choose the Validate Online option.

With this option, validated tickets will immediately be viewable in your web account, and also on other smartphone devices.

Offline QR code validation

To validate tickets offline, choose the Validate Offline option.

Before setting it up, you will initially need an Internet connection to download the entire ticket data required for validation. This should be done when there are no more tickets being sold so that the app can have everyone’s data.

Each smartphone app used for offline validation should have its own copy of the ticket data. Thus, the step above should be repeated on each device.

When validating tickets offline:

  • Offline scanned data can be synced back to the web app when an Internet connection is present.
  • Offline devices do not share information among themselves so a ticket validated on one device will still be valid on another offline device.
Searching for an attendee

If a QR code is not available for scanning, the attendee’s details can be retrieved by an email address search.

Using redemption codes

Another way to validate tickets is by using their redemption codes.

On the Validation Options screen, scroll to Redemption Codes > Ticket Validation.

On the screen that follows that, enter the code an attendee would tell you. Attendees need to click Redemption Codes links in their accounts or tickets for the platform to generate random codes.

These codes are temporary. An Internet connection is required to generate and validate them.

Validation via the web app

To validate tickets from a browser, go to Ticket Validation > Browser-based.

On the new page, select the event, then use the search functionality on the table to search for the attendee.

Click on the Validate button to validate the ticket from the corresponding attendee.

Using redemption codes

You can also validate redemption codes from attendees. Redemption codes are random numbers the platform generates when attendees request it from their accounts or tickets.

To use a redemption code, click on the Redemption Code button, then enter the code from the attendee.

Once submitted, the table will be filtered to show who the code belongs to. After that, click on the Validate button.

Using webcams

QR codes on the tickets can be scanned using webcams.

To scan the QR code using a webcam, click on the Webcam Scanning button.

On the prompt that gets displayed, choose the webcam under Video Source, then click on the Start Scanning button.

After that, accept the browser’s permission, then present an attendee’s QR code once the video can be seen.

When a QR code has been detected, the table will be filtered to show who the ticket belongs to. If a result is found, click on the Validate button to validate the ticket.

Using Bluetooth, Wireless or USB Scanners

If you have a Bluetooth/Wireless or USB QR Code keyboard wedge scanner, scanning the QR code tickets will automatically trigger a search for the ticket ID on that table.

If a result is found, click on the Validate button to validate the ticket.

Validation via a Windows desktop app

From your account download the Windows Desktop App.

Install it on your computer, then log in using your account’s email address and password.

Once logged in, go to the Events page. Choose the event you want then click on Import Now. Ideally, this should be done when the ticket sales are over so that everyone’s information can be imported.

Configure the Android or iOS app to use the Windows Desktop address. Go to Settings (swipe left), then enter the Windows Address as shown by the Windows App.

On the Windows App, go to the Smartphone Access page. Scroll down to the table, then click on Add User. These users can then log in to the smartphone app, and validate tickets. The ticket validation process is the same as the one described above.

Once all the ticket validation is complete, go to the Events page, then follow the prompts to sync the scanned data with the web app.

Triggering Notifications

Upon validation of the ticket, automated notifications can be triggered. They include push notifications, webhooks, Google Spaces and Microsoft Teams chat notifications, and Zapier of Microsoft Power Automate workflows.